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Indian nationals holding Passports with an expiry of six months or less and less than six pages are left should immediately renew their passports.

 Documents required:  

  1. Applicant may apply at: www.passport.gov.in/nri and complete the application online after carefully going through the instructions listed on the web page.
  2. Take a print out of the duly filled online form and submit a signed copy.
  3. Four recent Passport size colour photographs (see ‘Photograph Guidelines’).
  4. Passport with photocopy of pages 1,2 and last page of the passport including copy of endorsement if any on the passport.
  5. 5. Residence permit - NRC (original and photocopy)
    Work permit holder- Letter from company (original and photocopy).
  6. Affidavit (Annexure-E)

Minor applying for renewal of passport

  1. All above documents 1 to 5; and
  2. Passport of parent(s) and residency/work permit (original and photocopy of pages 1,2 and last page including any observation).
  3. 3. Declaration by both the parents (Annexure-D)
    Declaration where one parent has not given/is not able to give consent (Annexure-C) or
    Declaration by guardian of a of minor applicant (Annexure-D1)

Time frame: 10 - 15 working days

(to be paid in cash)
ZMK 1020/- (Ordinary )
ZMK 1340/- (Jumbo)
ZMK 690/- (Minor- Ordinary)

Where to apply:  Directly at the High Commission in person

  1. An adult applicant should submit the application in person
  2. In case of a minor applicant
    1. When both parents accompanying the minor (Annexure-D)
    2. When either of parents accompanying the minor (Annexure-C)
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