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Those interested in availing repatriation flight to India are requested to register themselves with the High Commission of India by sending the following 03 documents to itec.lusaka@gmail.com with copy to com.lusaka@mea.gov.in:
(i) personal information data sheet in the prescribed format (as per link below) to itec.lusaka@gmail.com with copy to com.lusaka@mea.gov.in .  [document should be named as : Data/…… (name of person)– e.g. Data/Suresh]
(ii) Undertaking (as per link below) relating to submission of online Self-Declaration Form on Air Suvidha Portal and mandatory quarantine at destination (7 days institutional quarantine at own expense unless exempted) in the specified format.  The Undertaking should also be scanned and sent to the High Commission while registering. [document should be named as : Undertaking/…. (name)– e.g. Undertaking/Suresh].  Passengers should carry the original during the journey.
(iii) Passport copy. [document should be named as : Passport/….. (name – e.g. Passport/Suresh]
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